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Russian Ballet School

Russian Ballet School - Sofia was established in 1999 by Ms. Shara Karsakpaeva.

Children from three to eighteen are admitted. They are divided into different age groups.

Dance classes for beginners and advanced are held in special programs by highly qualified teachers.

This allows us to teach children with different natural data and dancing skills.

The most talented students have the opportunity to continue their dancing education, where they will receive professional training in specialties "Classical Dance" and "Modern Dance".

The school has an extensive number stage works and many awards from national and international forums.


гр. София 1164
кв. Лозенец
ул. Свети Наум № 36
(вход от ул.„Милин камък” срещу входа на Резиденция „Лозенец”)

02/ 865 81 01
0876 775852 В. Стоева
02/ 865 81 01

Приемно време на директора
всеки ден от: 11.00 - 13.00ч.
(по предварително записване)