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Russian Ballet school - Sofia was founded and is headed by Ms. Shara Karsakpaeva. It was registered in Commercial Register of the Sofia City Court No. 7643/1999.

At the school there are about fifty children aged three to eighteen, divided into age groups to be trained by three ballet teachers with higher professional education and a great educational experience.

As a result of long creative efforts specialized training programs for both - beginners and advanced dancers were made. Thus, children of different ages and with different data and skills and students from ballet schools wishing to improve their professional skills can be trained.

Classes are held by piano accompaniment, performed by professional accompanists, in three ballet halls, which satisfy all professional requirements. A library for music and literature as well as an audio and video studio are available.

In its thirteen-years of existence the Russian Ballet School participated in numerous artistic events: Overview of children's art organized by the Russian Club in Sofia ,Charity concert in aid of children with lung diseases, organized in the Central Military Club in Sofia by the Bulgarian Red Cross, National University Hospital for Pulmonary diseases and publishing house for children "EGMONT - Bulgaria", A Festive concert of young talents in the National Palace of Culture, shown on National Television; I-st ​​and II-nd International reviews of children's ballet and dance formations, organized by the National Palace of Children in Sofia, and two reviews, received first prizes from the Ministry of Education and Science for the best team artistic presentation, International Day of  Music in Bankya; Тhe 10th anniversary  Festival concert of community "Russian Club" in Bulgaria , A festive concert dedicated to the Independence Day of Russia, together with guests from the National Music School in Sofia, A festive concert dedicated to International Day for the ballet, with guests from the National School of Dance Arts, National Music School and Secondary School at the Russian Embassy in Sofia; International Children's Festival in the town of Salo, Finland,  Days of Culture of Kazakhstan in Budapest Children's Festival in Asprovalta, Greece, Charity concert in Dresden, Germany, Meetings with Conservative,  Dance Center in Prague and a ballet school in Vienna State Opera and others. Especially for the Ballet School  Ms. Shara Karsakpaeva put children ballet "The Toy Shop", which premiere was a great success.

Based on the experience and achievements of the Russian Ballet School - Sofia in 2004 a Private Dance School was opened. The two schools participated jointly in numerous annual Christmas concerts and other stage performances, the most important of which were the anniversary concert at the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov "and " The Nutcracker ", staged at the Youth Theatre and Theatre  "Sofia " and " The Doll Fairy "at the State Musical Theatre" Stefan Makedonski. "

Excellent reviews were published in the newspaper "Cash", "Russia Today", "24 hours", "Novinar", "For a woman," "Capital" magazine "Business Contacts", "Black and White", "Diplomatic Review" and others. Channel "2001" aired a 30-minute broadcast, television "Eurocom" - two shows of 10 minutes, The National Television, The National Radio and TV "7 Days" showed reports about the activities of the Russian Ballet School.

The professionally prepared teaching staff, the good practicing conditions and the precise curriculum serve as a prerequisite for new, even more meaningful works of the students of Russian Ballet School – Sofia.


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кв. Лозенец
ул. Свети Наум № 36
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0876 775852 В. Стоева
02/ 865 81 01

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