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Our Dance School is proudly named after the famous Russian ballerina Galina Sergeevna Ulanova.

The page is being developed by students of the school. Expect their materials.


Galina Ulanova, immortal saint

I was 3 years old when my mom brought me to a ballet school, named after the great Galina Ulanova. I felt fear and trepidation to the unknown! Just the name Ulanova has always made me respect her and my school. I learned about her long artistic life, so how she goes to ballet and the inconsistencies of her mother, about the successes and failures in her career. This small, fragile and beautiful woman awoke in me a great desire, love and passion for ballet, made me go through many hardships, traumas to come today to contest in her native town of St. Petersburg, to fight in an intense competition and even to win second place in "Peterburgskaya Metelitsa." For me the name of our school, "Galina Ulanova"  and her whole life have been and are my guiding star.                                    

Nina Lakichevich, student from 8th grade

I am a student in Private Dance School "Galina Ulanova"- Russian Lyceum, Sofia. The great Russian ballerina whose name is the patron of our Lyceum, has inspired many generations of ballerinas.  Her rich professional and artistic biography reminds us - the modern generations that she was very talented, dedicated and hardworking who achieved prizes on the world scene.
When I look at her photos a glimpse of her inner spirit and beauty touches me. She wins my heart with her grace and the exquisiteness of her movements and thus one day I dream to become like her – a world-famous ballet dancer and an outstanding educator.

Alina Maleva – student from Private Dance School -7th grade

I am a student at the Private Secondary Language School – Russian Lyceum "Galina Ulanova". I am proud to study in a school that is named after such a famous ballerina who has won many awards and has contributed to the development of ballet. I think children who dance in the school should aspire to be good as her, because she has reached the top. I do not dance, but in spite of this I honor her art.                                                                                            

 Gregory Simeon Dahl

When I saw the portrait of Galina Ulanova, I felt that the ballet will be my life vocation. I have studied ballet for several years in Private Dance School "Galina Ulanova" in Russian Lyceum - Sofia - and I am proud and happy to have this opportunity to walk in her footsteps.
The life and work of Galina Ulanova made her an eternal star of the ballet world!

Devina Vasileva -VI class

In front of the portrait of Galina Ulanova
When I read the biography of the great Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova, I was deeply impressed with her exceptional achievements in ballet. Galina Ulanova has won many prestigious awards and has conquered the world with her mastery scenes. I have been watching her portrait and dreaming of a day when I would be so good and honored like her. I cherish on her dedication to ballet and can’t stop admiring her artistic life. I hope my dream to become a ballerina as good as her might be fulfilled.
I'm proud to study ballet in Private Dance School "Galina Ulanova" in Russian Lyceum-Sofia, named after her.

Joyce Dahl student from 7th grade


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