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Shara Karsakpaeva

Shara Karsakpaeva

Principal of the Russian Lyceum

Shara Karsakpaeva was born in Kazakhstan.

She graduated in GITIS "A.V. Lunacharski" in Moscow," ballet director "qualified" teacher-choreographer.  Creative activity is starting as a student in Moscow Academic Choreography School in “Bolshoy theater “ and continues as a soloist at the State Academic Theatre "Abai" in Alma-Ata, where she performed leading solo parts in the performances "Giselle," "Swan Lake", "Silfida" 'Shopeniana "," Pahita "," Bayaderka "," Sleeping Beauty "and others.

Shara Karsakpaeva has a long and rich pedagogical activity. She has taught at the State Choreographic School "A. Seleznyov "in Alma-Ata, then worked as a teacher-tutor in Russian-English Ballet" Meneks "in Moscow.

From 1990 she worked as a teacher of classical dance at the State Choreographic School (now the National School of Dance) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She has taught classical dance at the State Music Academy, National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, New Bulgarian University, secondary schools of Russian Embassy in Sofia, Lycee Francaise "Victor Hugo" and Anglo-American College in Sofia. She was a leading trainer in private ballet school "Mika quilt" in Greece. Leader of a seminar on classical ballet heritage by UNESCO.
In 1999 she founded the Russian Ballet School - Sofia, and in 2004 opened Private School for Dance "Galina Ulanova" with specialty "classical dance" and from 2007 - "modern dance".

In 2009 she opened Private Kindergarten and Private Secondary school, teaching in Russian and English. That same year, the four institutions combine their creative activities in one educational and cultural complex-Russian Lyceum - Sofia, whose director becomes Shara Karsakpaeva .

She also creates children's ballet "Toy Store" and more than thirty concerts in Bulgaria and nine European countries.

She wrote a thesis "Links and mutual interactions of classical dance and art gymnastics" (Moscow 1989), studio "Impact of dance in the education of preschool children" (1999 Sofia, programme "Step by step" of Otvoreno obshtestvo "Soros" and Georgetown University, USA), project "Equal opportunity: Social and professional integration of disadvantaged children by teaching them dance in Professional Ballet School" (Sofia 2004).

Shara Karsakpaeva created twelve original articles on special programmes for specialty training in "classical dance" licensed by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria (Sofia, 2004).

The soloists  and ensembles prepared by her are participating in several national and international competitions, are winners of many prestigious awards.

Shara Karsakpaeva participates actively in society. Chairman of the Board of League of Kazakhstan in Bulgaria 'Aruah "from 2005, member of the management of the Forum of Russian compatriots", member of Russian Club "Soglasie".

For his active teaching, creative and social activities Shara Karsakpaeva has won many awards:

Diploma "Zolotaya Muse" (2006)

Gratitude of the President of the Federation Council of Russia (2006)

Diploma of Government Commission of Russia to work with compatriots abroad (2009)

Honorary Diploma of the Minister of Culture of Russia (2009)

Silver medal, "Union of federations. 15 years "(2009)

Order "Russian Nation" (2009)

Medal "Pushkin" (Decree of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on May 15, 2010)

Ludmila Nikolaevna Molostvova

Ludmila Nikolaevna Molostvova

Teacher of Classical Dance

1973 - entered National Ballet School in the town Perm in Russia.

1981 - graduated National School  Ballet  in Perm

From 1981- 1988. she worked as a soloist in theaters in Perm Opera and Ballet.

Winner of contest Student spring. Diploma for best performer.

1989.-1999. She worked as a teacher-tutor in the theater. And entered the Perm Institute of Culture, Faculty- choreography, specialty - teacher-tutor.

2000 – started working abroad

Since 2011 teacher of Classical Dance in Ballet School "Galina Ulanova" -Russian Lyceum in Sofia

Tanya Florya

Tanya Florya


Born in 1979
In 2000, she graduated from Music College Brestkiya "D. Extractor "in" Instrumental Performance - Piano "
She has worked in Children's Music School in the town of Brest as a piano teacher and concertmaster.
She has participated for eight years in the Youth Choir "Praleski"
In 2006 graduated from Belarusian State Pedagogical University in Minsk, specialty- "Music, singing, special musical instruments."
Had a qualification "teacher on special musical instruments and piano."
After graduation she worked six years in Brestka Choreography School as concertmaster.
From 2012 she worked in Dance School "Galina Ulanova" -Russian Lyceum in Sofia as a music teacher and piano and violinist.

Sara-Nora Krusteva

Sara-Nora Krusteva

Classical dance teacher

Sara-Nora Krusteva graduated National School of Dance in 1996 .

In 1995 -Award for Most Promising Young Artist at the National Ballet Competition "Anastas Petrov" and the award  in International Ballet Competition in Osaka.

Since 1997, she joined the National Opera.

Since 2003, Prima ballerina of ensemble of National Opera.

And from 2009. is the youngest director of the National ballet.

In 2002 she graduated the State Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Sofia.

2003 with the award of the Union of Musicians and Dancers in "Crystal Lyre"

2008 awarded by the Minister of Culture Prof. S. Danailov with "Srabren Rhyton" for special merit for promotion of ballet culture.

In 2010, teacher of classical dance Dance School "Galina Ulanova" -Russian Lyceum in Sofia.

2011 awarded "ZOLOTAYA MUSE" for contribution to Bulgarian-Russians relations in culture.

Boryana Sechanova

Boryana Sechanova

Modern dance teacher
Boriana Sechanova graduated the National School of Dance Arts in Sofia in 1981 and was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. Then she continued her education in Moscow with Professor Olga Tarasova - in 1990 graduated with a degree in directing at GITIZ Ballet.
Since 1991 worked as a choreographer, and since 2000 director of Ballet "Arabesque".
Author and choreographer of over 40 dance and drama performances on stage at the National Opera and Ballet - Sofia ballet "Arabesque," National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" National Opera - Stara Zagora State Opera - Varna, State Opera - Ruse Theatre "Pantdans" and others.
Since 1992 professor of modern dance techniques at the National School of Dance
1994-1997: Professor and Director of the "Ballet director" – New Bulgarian University.
Since 1996 professor at American University in Blagoevgrad.
1997-1998 - teaching modern dance techniques "St.John" University, Seul, Korea.
Since 2000 the director of the ballet "Arabesque".

Stefka Hristova Varbanova

Stefka Hristova Varbanova

Teacher in Dance school
  • 26.05.1987- born in Sofia
  • 2006 - graduated from National School of Dance Arts in Sofia
  • 2010 - graduated Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, specialty in Pedagogy of  Ballet , qualifications ballet dancer - teacher
  • She danced briefly at the National Opera and Ballet and Military Ensemble
  • She has taught in Sofia and private ballet school "Princess Xenia"  in the capital of Montenegro
  • 2011-teacher at the Ballet School "Galina Ulanova" -Russian Lyceum in Sofia
Professor Alexandra Hong

Professor Alexandra Hong

Drama, art history, ballet and jazz lecturer

Name: Alexandra Yosifova Azizbaeva
Nickname: Alexandra Hong
Year and place of birth: 1961 - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Higher education: University of Tashkent, Russian Studies, 1978-1979
Moscow Institute of Cinematography, 1978-1983
Specialty "Acting in Drama Theatre and Film" in the class of Prof. Boris Chirkov -12 graduation performance and participation in six feature-length fiction film Republican photographic studios (Uzbekfilm, Tadzhikfilm, Kirgizfilm).
VITIZ "Kr.Sarafov" Sofia - specialization "pantomime and stage movement" -1986 NSA Sofia - specialization "Classic Chinese massage" -1997
Teaching Title: Associate Professor
Occupation: actress, choreographer, director, teacher.
Presentations as a teacher, director, choreographer

Д-р Бонка Матова

Д-р Бонка Матова

преподавател по характерни танци

Образование и квалификация:

Завършва Държавно хореографско училище (Национално училище за танцово изкуство) през 1972 г. и работи като балерина в балетна трупа „Арабеск“. Дипломира се във Висшия институт за театрално изкуство (ГИТИС-РАТИ) Москва през 1978 г. със специалност „педагог-балетмайстор“.

Професионален опит:

От 1978 до 2013 г. преподава класически и характерни танци в НУТИ. Провеждала е уроци в експериментални класове в гр. Пловдив, в Частно училище за танцово изкуство „Г. Уланова“ (ЧУТИ) гр. София, в Музикално училище „Л. Пипков“ гр. София. Има втори клас квалификация (1987 г.) От 1999 г. преподава характерни танци в специалност „Балетна педагогика“ в Музикална академия „ П. Владигеров“ гр. София, а в периода 1998 – 2000 г. в Атина - Гърция. Нейни ученици и студенти танцуват и преподават у нас и в чужбина. Ръководи семинари и майсторски класове по класически и характерни танци. Автор е на хореографски постановки за концерти на НУТИ, ЧУТИ, телевизия, школи по изкуствата. Участва като председател и член на жури на национални и международни танцови фестивали. Автор е на програмата по характерни танци, на публикации в българския и руския печат, и книгите „Азбука на характерния танц“, „Характерният танц - история, методика, практика“ и „Първи стъпки в танца“. Носител на „Златна лира“ от СБМТД за високи постижения в областта на балетното изкуство.

Асен Наков

Асен Наков

преподавател по модерни танци

Руслан Радев

Руслан Радев


Образование и квалификация :

Висше: ДМА „П. Владигеров” – гр. София, магистър по композиция от класа на проф. Парашкев Хаджиев и проф. Александър Танев, пиано – проф. Антон Диков.

Професионален опит:

Преподавател по теоретични дисциплини в СМУ „Широка лъка”.

Балетен корепетитор в Държавен музикален театър „Ст. Македонски” и балет „Арабеск“.

Балетен корепетитор в държавно хореографско училище - гр. София.

Балетен корепетитор в оперите на Измир и Самсун – Турция.

Професионални изяви:

Дългогодишен член на Съюза на българските композитори.

Участвал със свои произведения в много симфонични, камерни и хорови концерти в България и в чужбина.

Многократно изпълняван и награждаван България и в чужбина.

От 2014 година е корепетитор в ЧУТИ „Г. С. Уланова”.


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