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In the private kindergarten “G. S. Ulanova” two specific education programs are offered – “I am in the kindergarten” and “I will be a student”, which have the following advantages:

  • Balanced coverage of the entire active-creative process of a child’s development – cognitive, social, verbal, emotional, volitional, artistic and physical
  • Intellectual and social guarantees for equal chances for all children
  • Synchronized educational content related to the child’s personal-social development
  • Pedagogical interaction in accordance with the level of development of each child
  • Reserving the “game” as a child-only activity

The programs continue the tradition of democratic education and are also updated in the spirit of the technological process of the 21st century.

At the same time the education programs – “I am in the kindergarten” and “I will be a student” are consistent with the most current international and government regulations: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Athens Declaration of the European Ministers of Education on Intercultural Education, the National Strategy for Children 2008-2018.


гр. София 1164
кв. Лозенец
ул. Свети Наум № 36
(вход от ул.„Милин камък” срещу входа на Резиденция „Лозенец”)

02/ 865 81 01
0876 775852 В. Стоева
02/ 865 81 01

Приемно време на директора
всеки ден от: 11.00 - 13.00ч.
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