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Each age group has classes in their own classroom, which is comfortably furnished according to the requirements of a high-quality education process.

All conditions for restful sleep are met in the bedrooms.

The children are provided with a breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack in a specially furnished canteen. An unlimited amount of spring water containing minimal quantities of fluoride and other minerals unsuitable for children is available.

There is a designated room for games. Moreover, musical instruments, multimedia and sports equipment is at the disposal of both children and teachers.

The playground outside is secure and spacious. The equipment is safe and accommodates for the physical potential and needs of children of all ages.

Furthermore, the choreography room, gym, outdoor playground.

Medical service is provided full-time by certified specialists.

For organized trips outside the kindergarten a school bus driven by a professional driver is used.

The children’s security is ensured by a security company. The security system is integrated into the one of the Elementary and Secondary school as well as the whole Russian Embassy complex.


гр. София 1164
кв. Лозенец
ул. Свети Наум № 36
(вход от ул.„Милин камък” срещу входа на Резиденция „Лозенец”)

02/ 865 81 01
0876 775852 В. Стоева
02/ 865 81 01

Приемно време на директора
всеки ден от: 11.00 - 13.00ч.
(по предварително записване)