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Foreign Language Training

More than enough hours are devoted to early foreign language training in Russian and English.

Apart from the classic study methods, more interactive ones better suited for children are also used.

Moreover, the kids from pre-school groups are able to communicate with the students from the elementary school, which further contributes to their socialization.

One major contemporary issue, when talking about children is related to the language environment. Since more and more marriages between men and women from different countries take place kids are forced to grow up in a bilingual environment. That is one of the reasons that led to the adoption of early language training in both Russian and English.

As far as Russian is concerned the main task for children in the kindergarten is to learn to comprehend easy-to-understand speech and develop some basic speech habits.

When teaching the Russian language, we strive for using the following techniques directly related to the children’s age:

  • Work on pronunciation by imitation
  • Studying of poems and songs by heart
  • Active and calm themed games with different purposes – introduction and assimilation of lexical knowledge, development of skills and habits of oral speech as well as a form of self-communication
  • Generation of situational dialogues
  • Watching movies, accompanied by a narration by the teacher
  • Work with children while outside for a walk

The learning of the Russian language by children is a lengthy process connected with the development of thinking and talking skills. This process contributes to the easier communication of children in the bilingual environment and their overall development as members of the modern society.

English language teaching of children ages 3-6 is based on the development of the auditory-speech system. The main topics cover words and concepts from the surrounding environment: introduction, hygiene, holidays, pets, other objects (toys, clothes).

The activation of the gained knowledge is achieved through the dramatization of funny stories with favourite characters. Imitation – the learning of songs and poems, together with the range of games played aid children in the quick and easy learning of the basic vocabulary, sentence patterns and communicative situations.

We have the following targets in the early English language learning:

  • To build understanding and speaking skills – the proposed activities represent simple situations with production of speech
  • To promote the creation of language awareness
  • To encourage open-mindedness towards the language
  • To develop understanding abilities, especially in oral communication – children need to distinguish some language elements that enable the construction of meaningful communication
  • To make the children listen, distinguish, recognize and reproduce sounds, rhythms, consonances and intonation schemes related to the pronunciation of the language
  • To motivate the children to learn how the basic oral speech functions by presenting them with relatively simple, yet varied and informative situations


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