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The exhibition "Secret Russian Artists"
The exhibition "Secret Russian Artists" 25-09-2014

A letter and some photos from Moscow were received  in the Russian Lyceum – Sofia. “Congratulations from Moscow and all artists and organizers of  “Secret Russian Artists” exhibition. We left our exhibition in RCIC and we hope that it will serve for good relationships between Bulgaria and Russia supporting. With  great  gratitude and  warmth we remember You and the Russian Lyceum. We hope to a...

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Master’s class in the Liceum
Master’s class in the Liceum 19-09-2014

The first working day in the Liceum was marked by a meeting with people of unique profession talent and good character ready to share them with unknown to them persons. Several Russian artists G A Anisimova, Y I Koverdiaev and G Anatolievna and their exhibition were the topic of conversation between them and students and teachers and we were able to learn a lot about geometrographics i.e. the use of the graphics as a means to communicate....

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The new School Year opening
The new School Year opening 17-09-2014

 On  15th September in the Russian Lyceum the new School Year was opened for the fifteenth time . For this year  there are more students in classes from 1st to 11th .  This day is the most exciting for the pupils from the 1st class. More of them are certain, because they were in preparatory groups in the kindergarten in the Lyceum.  There were guests, who are friends of the Russian Lyceum.  The students, as...

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New Year’s Holiday in the Russian Lyceum – Sofia
New Year’s Holiday in the Russian Lyceum – Sofia 21-12-2013

This year in the Lyceum traditionally there was a party “New Year’s Tree” All the students were preparing for the party – they were studying rhymes and songs, creating New Year’s costumes. The party was unusual: children prepared travelling to Russia, England and America, visited Bulgarian home on Christmas Eve and learned a lot about Christmas traditions in Bulgaria and other countries. This year students from...

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Our life out of the lessons
Our life out of the lessons 18-12-2013

The Capital Sports Club “Lokomotiv Sofia” organized international judo contest for children. Brian- a student from the 3rd grade in the Russian Lyceum, won a bronze medal. In the Lyceum’s Day Brian turned into Niky Kunchev and asked his classmates difficult questions. We wish Brian a lot of success! Congratulations!   

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