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Alma Mater applauds the Russian Lyceum
Alma Mater applauds the Russian Lyceum 17-12-2013

On 12th December students from the Russian Lyceum – Sofia took part in Christmas performance, that was organized by the Sofia University. The performance was related to 125 years’ anniversary of the University. Main participants were students from Sofia University. Dance, photo impression, poetic sketches, ballet, modern and folk music, Bulgarian Christmas songs – movements, speech, shapes, feelings filled the University...

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Meet Christmas
Meet Christmas 11-12-2013

Christmas is coming! We have to decorate our homes to feel the light and warmth of Christmas. The Russian Lyceum is our home and we make it beautiful and cosy. Let Christmas see that we are waiting for it! “Winter – snowflakes are falling. White, beautiful snowflakes like ballet dancers. They dance just like us – they turn around, get together and go far away. They get together again and dance their wonderful dance. We reach...

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Let’s study cheerfully
Let’s study cheerfully 05-12-2013

On 3rd December the Geography lesson went not in a traditionally way. Topic: “Let’s meet guests from Asia” Lesson aims: To become well acquainted with different from us cultures, food, songs and dances. To form sense of tolerance and respect to a way of life, different from ours. To form skills from second and third levelof Geographical culture competence and behavior models. To provocate students’...

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A very high prize to the Principal of the Russian Lyceum – Sofia
A very high prize to the Principal of the Russian Lyceum – Sofia 10-11-2013

On 29th October in Moscow there was a thematic conference “Compatriots and their contribution to world’s culture”. 180 participants from 80 countries took part in the conference – people of culture, art, education, representatives of Russian constructive intellectuals out of the borders of Russia. Russian commonwealth in Bulgaria was represented by Marina Dadikozian, Chairwoman of Co-ordinational council and Shara...

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A spiritual holiday
A spiritual holiday 07-11-2013

Students from the Russian Lyceum-Sofia noted officially 1st November- the Day of leaders of Bulgarian National Revival. This holiday became a spiritual and patriotism holiday. Students from 6th and 7th grade represented a literature program in front of all students – from 1st to 10th grade as well as their teachers and the Principal of the school – Mrs Shara Karsakpaeva. Students recited poems from leaders of Bulgarian National...

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