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Foreign language learning

Curricula in Russian and English languages ​​have been developed in accordance with state educational requirements for teaching content in foreign languages.
These programs are consistent with levels of proficiency in Russian and English languages ​​listed in the Common European Framework for Languages ​​of the Council of Europe, and the requirements for obtaining various internationally recognized certifications.
This allows for the assimilation of preparing students in the school to the levels of language diplomas issued by the competent institutions in the studied languages.

Expandеd study of Russian and English from I to VII grade.
Day organization of the learning process allows the training of specialized programs depending on the language training of the student.
If desired and if possible a third language can also be studied.

Specialized training in Russian and English from VIII to XII grade.
It is organized in two classes: one with English as a first and Russian as second language and the other with Russian first and English as second language.


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